WordTrack GPS offers various range of affordable and premium Vehicle Tracking Products

We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicles tracking metrics such as fuel monitoring, speed, location details, heading, replay journey history, distance report, driver behavior, idling time, etc.

Car GPS Tracking System

Love your vehicle? Choose our intelligent AntiTheft GPS car tracking system to keep track of your vehicle 24x7 live.

Bike Tracking System

Weather you have to track your loved ones or field employees we have smart bike tracking system according to your needs.

Truck Tracking System

Track your trucks, locate them on the live map and monitor your vehicle activity like speed, engine status Total K.M.

Personal Tracking Devices

Love your Kids? Choose our Life-Saving gps personal to keep tracking of your loved Once on your mobile & desktop.

Asset Tracker Devices

GPS asset tracking devices are an invaluable tool for instant location verification of your valuable pieces of equipment and assets.

School Tracking System

School Tracking System Software is designed specifically for school transportation to track and monitor every student.

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About WorldTrack GPS


WorldTrack proffers GPS Tracking System which ensures optimal safety of your vehicles. We have developed tremendously stupendous tracking system which makes you access all details of real-time live location of your vehicle. The cost-effective operational services make us stand out in the industry. This contemporary era is full of unpredictable incidents, to give relief and solace it has become quite substantial to monitor the position or live locations of our lovable.

WorldTrack prioritizes safety and security where it provides a tracking system along with complete repair support. Our Vehicle Tracking System entails tracking of all vehicles with complete operational help. Our competent tech-trainers assist people in getting and implementing the whole concept. We believe in professionalism blended with a cooperative atmosphere and considering our beliefs, we always strive hard to pave a path of a safe and secure society.


We aim to gear up our proficiency and adapt to providing distinctive and excellent services consistently. Our mission is to persistently perform and succeed with comprehensive professionalism.


We strive hard to foster an environment which ensures a safe atmosphere for people's vehicles property and we would like to contribute better in tracking-cum navigation services.

Why WorldTrack GPS

History Replay- WorldTrack GPS provides a report presenting complete insights of a vehicle like routes it has taken, how many times vehicles stopped during its journey, history replay, geo-fence, notifications, destination report, fuel consumption, the time it took to reach its final destination &, etc.

Real-Time Tracking- Real-time tracking is the moving dot on the map. Basically, a GPS device shares the live location of a vehicle as it moves. This gives the command center better control over the driver & vehicle, any alteration in the plan can be communicated to the driver.

Zone & Speed Alerts- Geo-Fencing is a perfect method to assure that a vehicle stays inside the perimeter set by the fleet owner/management. Zone alerts are a feature that alerts the command center each time a vehicle trespasses the set perimeter.

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Wants To Track Your Vehicle? Keep a 24*7 Live Tracking!

WorldTrack GPS delivers reliable, precise, live GPS tracking tailored for your needs. We help Commercial, Personal, Leisure and Security Services monitor anyone, anything, anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Real-Time / Live Tracking

The first and foremost feature is real-time live location. This is feature has been enriched with great monitoring system. It capacitates people to get to know the real location of a specific vehicle. This service makes any vehicle accessible at any point.

Alerts for Maintaining Speed

Alerts for speed have been set here to monitor one’s speed and in case of crossing the limit, providing an alert to the person. This is a tremendously unique feature which eventually helps in maintaining a safe atmosphere.

Stupendous Monitoring System

The stupendous monitoring system ensures safety at each step out from home. The mobile app will always monitor the location of the vehicle with the extra edge of alertness. This is a worth mentioning fact that with the monitoring it provides live location sharing facility too.

Panic Button

A mishap can take place anytime so considering this fact, here a panic alert button has been provided so at the time of emergency if one press panic alert button, a message would be sent to one’s family members or lovable.

Geo-Fence Alert

Make geo-fences, whenever your vehicle cross your geo-fence area or enter the geo-fence, you will get the instant alert message by our intelligent vehicle tracking mobile app.

Trip PlayBack

You can replay your vehicle previous 90 days trip & travel summary to find out path it followed and k.m etc.

Parking Mode

Antitheft Parking mode, When someone start your car then your phone will generate a alarm.

Great Feature of Navigation

Our GPS vehicle tracking system also assists in navigation as it gives directions to the vehicles for a smooth navigation process.

Affordable, Flexible, Cloud Based, Make in India & Powerful GPS Tracking System For Your Business.

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I want to say a great thanks to the team of WorldTrack. Tremendously good effort. I had a great experience with them.

Kanchi SharmaDTDC Kalka Ji

The team of WorldTrack is quite competent and merited. They have done a wonderful job for national security. We congratulate them for their awesome job.

Mr. SmithMaharastra State Roadways

Our company is quite satisfied with the services provided by WorldTrack. We observed high professionalism in the work-structure of the company.

Hemant BhardwajHBT Travels

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