Advanced Personal Tracking System in Delhi, India

Potential Life-Saving EquipmentGPS Personal Tracker has become more powerful and compact over the years. They can easily be put in pocket and now available with a series of special features.

They certainly bring some much-needed peace of mind.

Thanks to this technology! You can now put an end to all your worries – about your loved ones returning home late at night, at risk individuals (dementia & Alzheimer patients) alone at home, kids playing in the park or your pet wandering off anytime.

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With the personal tracking system, you can track your:

Kids– Every growing child want to explore more, push boundaries while making their own rules and every parent want their child to be safe. Fortunately, the GPS-enabled Personal Devices have made this challenge a lot easier. Attach an electronic chain with your child whenever they are at a family outing, at an amusement park or on a school trip and know about all of their activities. Our device can be used to track children of any age without being intrusive.

For instance, your child has just got his driving license. It is very natural for these new, young drivers to be risk takers. The panic button with these GPS Trackers will send you instant alert in case of dire emergency. Likewise, you will also know if the car crosses the speed limit or leaves the approved driving area set by you. This innovative technology will give you a peace of mind and make your child a better driver.

Elderly– Everyone ages gradually and it is the responsibility of the youngsters to take care of them. Technology can help them at least to a certain extent. Our GPS Tracker has some special features which can be customized towards personal care. Let’s take the example of  GEO Fencing. You can set a designated area which if crossed will send you an instant alert. This way you can not only keep track of your beloved elders but also keep them safe. This product is a hit with Dementia and Alzheimer patients.

Pets– The personal tracking devices can also be attached to your pet’s collar so that you can keep a tab on them 24/7. And you need not worry as these devices are small and lightweight making it suitable for every pet. The tracker can be customized to warn you of any changes in their behavior, the amount of exercise they are getting and if they are feeling problems under the weather.

Investigator– Private investigators across the world are safely using our Personal Tracking Devices to assist them in their investigation. This small device has helped them in solving many cases without the arduous and tiresome, long hours of surveillance work.

Real-time personal GPS tracking devices are a great way to ensure another person's safety as they work by showing you exactly where the device is located at all times, using the technology of cellular transmitters. These Personal GPS Tracking Devices are perfect for individuals entering dangerous areas as they boast features like panic alerts. Personal GPS Trackers allows you to keep track of elderly or informed family members while still giving them the freedom and independence they desire.

Personal Micro Tracker also lets you keep watch over kids and teenagers even when they're out of sight, giving you to-the-minute updates that you can access easily through a computer, smartphone or similar devices.

WorldTrack provides an ideal way for families and caregivers to keep track of the people they love. It’s all about having peace of mind when you’re not there with them.

Vehicle Trackers are always on, protecting one of your most valuable assets and those that ride inside.

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WorldTrack Vehicle GPS System & Solutions helps you to know where they are and be alerted if they go too far – right from your App or computer! Breathe easier knowing that your loved ones are safe!

Our GPS Personal Trackers Specialty:

  • Accurate location using overhead satellites.
  • Geo-Fencing – the electronic barrier, if breached you will be alerted instantly.
  • Panic alert buttons to SMS or call someone in case of dire emergency.
  • Two-way audio communication – Have a conversation with your loved ones while you reach them.

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