Whenever it comes to education, parents across the world do not compromise. They send their children to the best of the schools, which are located far away. Nevertheless, children travel in school buses through the busy roads and parents are concerned about their safety. They get worried until their children reach school or home safely.

What if the safety and security of the students are taken care of? We, at WorldTrack offer effective school bus tracking system. Parents can track the location of the vehicle, while also receiving alerts for any other problems. This helps parents, as well as school authorities to take immediate action.

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How does the GPS School Bus Tracking System Work?

We help you make use of the advanced technology like GPS to locate a place, property or vehicle. With the mobile phone or personal computer, you can receive information at regular intervals. Our GPS bus tracking system works:

By installing a GPS school bus tracking system in the school bus.

It collects data and relay the signals to a remote server which records the real-time as well as the historical data.

Whenever it comes to offering transportation facility for school students what needed to be considered prior is trust and safety. By providing access to customized GPS enhanced school bus tracking system parents, school administrators as well as the transport contracting agency gets updated with the route and time schedule of buses.

WorldTrack bus tracking solution has been designed in a way that the school administration can manage their fleet of buses on a single dashboard either using a web application or a mobile app. We have solutions that help the school and parents track their children while they are on their way to and back from school. Using our live GPS vehicle tracking system school authorities can ensure the safety and security of children. This solution sends timely alerts and notifications about an unscheduled route, start time and delays to parents and administration staff to avert any anxiety on the part of parents or the school administration.

The solution offered also sends alerts about boarding and de-boarding information about the child. Parents and admin staff get emergency alerts when the child fails to board or de-board at a wrong bus stop. There is also provision for Emergency notifications like bus failures & delays, emergency, holidays or scheduled changes.

Safety at school allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment, promoting social and creative learning. If by any chance, their safety is not met, children are at constant risk and may stop showing up. Promoting school safety creates an open space for kids to learn and explore many new things. Students of all ages require a safe learning environment for the better education and development. Research continues to illustrate children who feel unsafe at school perform worse academically and are more at risk of getting indulged in drugs and delinquency. Both government and private school faces the major crisis of safety and security. This leads the Rover team to find a solution, If the parents are aware of their child activities on fingertips then everything is possible. By automating the systems followed in schools, management will have a clear view of staffs as well as students who perform low. This helps them to choose preventive measures to overcome.

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GPS Device & RFID Reader in School Bus

  • Live tracking of bus can be monitored by concerned parents & management
  • Custom alert for buses can be set by management (pickup delay, maintenance, bus stop skipping, route deviation etc.)
  • Attendance of concerned student can be monitored by parents in application provided by the school.
  • Alerts to management or parents can be set If a student enters the wrong bus or exits in the wrong stop.

UHF Reader in School Gate

  • Attendance of walk-in students can be sent as notification to concerned parents or management.
  • Alerts to management or parents can be set if the student doesn’t arrive/left school within proper timing.
  • Consolidated attendance report of the student can be generated and viewed by management
  • One UHF reader has the capacity of managing up to 2000 students in the school

Parent-Friendly App

  • View monthly attendance of concerned student and acknowledge request for leaves
  • Time table, fee structure, class works, holidays, mark sheet of concerned student can be viewed
  • Extracurricular activities and the best performer appreciations can be viewed in a school gallery page
  • Immediate announcement/event notification to all parents and special notification to concerned parents can be sent.

Management Web Portal

  • Separate modules can be used for school buses, student’s attendance, staffs and management
  • The automated school system is possible with staff payroll, fee structure planning and notification triggering
  • An overall performer from student & staff can be easily tracked using recorded database.
  • Technological advances will make the school unique from competitors to perform well

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